Save 40% of your Data Center electricity bill - TODAY!
Energy is one of the MAJOR expenses in DC
Spend Less On Energy Consumption
An Artificial Intelligence based solution

How it Works

The only turnkey energy cloud solution that automatically mange resources in order to save energy

Dynamic Migration

Dynamically rightsizing physical infrastructure according to the workload

Power Control

Controlling servers power states using existing IPMI infrastructure


Easy Install

Self contained OVA installed in minutes

Yang Mingchuan
China Telecom IDC

“RightSize’s AI found that the load of each business in the data center fluctuates with different time periods. It centrally dispatches the virtual machine resources used by different services through the platform of our cloud management. This saved a lot of energy by reducing the power consumption of the physical machine during the idle time of the service with no change to SLA.”


RightSize AI platform seamlessly integrates with VMWare vSphere and OpenStack Hypervisor


Simple & Intuitive UI

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