Power Only What’s Needed

Smart Energy Solution

eVolution Networks’ Smart Energy Solution (SES) brings a new approach to managing mobile networks:

Mobile operators can maintain the same QoS and reduce their electricity bills by 35%
at the same time.

With mobile networks, demand may peak at any moment, and networks must continue to operate at top-level capacity to be ready for it. This situation has forced mobile operators to run their Radio Access Networks (RAN) at full power 365 days/year.

However, the reality is that 90% of the time, most networks have Radio Base Stations (RBS) that can be put in sleep mode, and reactivated only when needed. This approach reduces the amount of energy consumed by base stations and extends their life spans.

How does SES work?

SES is a self-learning engine that uses data mining analytics to generate traffic predictions. These traffic predictions are analyzed together with live network feedback to determine how much capacity will be required to meet the traffic demand. SES then analyzes the operational base stations and powers off those that are not expected to be in use and that in effect can reduce the power consumption.

What makes SES so unique is its ability to understand the interaction between subscribers’ demands and capacity supply and how to optimally shape this supply to answer the demand in real time, ensuring subscriber’s satisfaction and reducing the energy bill.

eVolution networks patented technology has made it possible to move from static and inefficient network management into an adaptive and responsive approach. SES allows network operators to “right-size” the real network load and then spend energy (and money) only on what’s really needed.

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SES has the potential to increase savings over time, as mobile operators continue to expand their networks to support the rapid growth of demand.

Getting Started

eVolution Networks' Smart Energy Solution can reduce your network’s annual energy consumption by up to 35%, increasing your net profit.

You can try SES on any portion of your network and experience firsthand how easy it is to start saving money.

For more information, please contact us at:

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Cases studies

Case study 1

Digicel Jamaica deploys next generation power saving software technology to cut radio access network costs

With more than 13 million customers across 30 markets, the Digicel Group is one of the leading mobile telecom operators in the Caribbean, Central American and Pacific regions. Digicel is headquartered in Jamaica - one of its most important markets.

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case study 2

The Effects of SES on BTS Air Conditioning Power Consumption

eVolution Networks examined the effects of its Smart Energy Solution operation on base station air conditioning system in a live European mobile network.

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