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January 18, 2018 – Shenzhen

China's largest data center reduced their energy bills by 40% with eVolution Networks AI

eVolution Networks announced today strategic commercial agreement with China Telecom for purchasing software licenses of eVolution’s Smart Energy Solution AI platform, generating 40% of savings in Data Centers’ energy consumption across China.

The software first deployed in one of China Telecom south-west region, in some of the largest data center facilities. The agreement was signed after rigorous testing and simulations in various China Telecom data centers, earning the approval and certification of the China Telecom Beijing Research Institute (CTBRI).

China Telecom is the largest owner of data centers and Internet hosting services in China. It owns hundreds of data center facilities across the country that accommodate millions of servers. Apart from providing hosting services to other companies, China Telecom offers its own services, such as IPTV, high-speed internet, intranet services.

“This is a very significant milestone for both China Telecom and eVolution Networks” says Adam Amitai, Chief Information Officer eVolution.
“China’s 5 years energy plan is a massive call for action for major Chinese corporations.
eVolution Networks is committed to helping Chinese data centers become greener and more profitable. We are proud to have China Telecom as our first Chinese customer deploying artificial intelligence technology to reduce their carbon footprint. Our mission is to harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve the data center industry efficiency and profitability in China and globally.”