Data Centers, Mission Critical Complexities

Data Centers,
Mission Critical Complexities

Data centers are a complex eco system

The natural evolution of IT services, which is expected to support critical business applications from myriad of vendors and complex IT architectures, is constantly under a variety of challenges. Perhaps, chief of all is the inherent datacenter over-provisioning design approach aimed at mitigating operational risk, most common with many IT organizations. Such approach although helpful to reduce operational risk, imposes high energy consumption which is completely unnecessary and very costly, resulting in clear commercial disadvantage.


Energy is 1 of the Top 3 Expenses
for Data Centers



IT load energy consumption constitutes 80% of the total energy consumption of the data center


by 2020 data centers will consume 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually

OPEX Reduction Potential

small data center

  • 96 KW
  • 115 W Per Sq ft
  • 84,000$
  • 33,600$

    Potential Savings

Medium data center

  • 1000 KW
  • 112 W Per Sq ft
  • 876,000$
  • 350,400$

    Potential Savings

Large data center

  • 4000 KW
  • 79 W Per Sq ft
  • 3,500,000$
  • 1,400,000$

    Potential Savings
  • IT Load
  • Density
  • Annual Electricity Costs (USA)
  • Dollars Saved

Your workload isn’t the same all day long,
what about your IT resources energy consumption?

Manage your energy costs, Save millions of $ annually

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